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Women in the Nanton district are excited about the WVL project by Ruwa-Ghana.

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, RUWA-Ghana held a radio panel discussion in the studio of Might FM with 3 women beneficiaries of the Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) Project in the Nanton area. The women included: Yamba Iddrisu, Mariama Abdulai, and Ayishetu Issahaku from the communities of Kpano, Nanton, and Nanton-Kurugu, respectively, in the Nanton District. The women attested to the fact that their communities are current beneficiaries of the three-year project, which is now in its second year. They wished the project had been extended to more than the slated three years. They discussed how they are being enlightened on issues of gender role discrimination, the importance of women’s participation in decision-making and how their businesses can be sustainable, among other issues.

Prior to the discussion, the lead project officer from RUWA-Ghana, Madam Barikisu Sumaila, explained that the WVL project is a three-year project being funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) through Plan International Ghana (PIG) and it is being implemented by RUWA-GHANA in the Nanton District and the Yendi Municipal of the Northern region of Ghana. The project, she added, is aimed at empowering women by encouraging them to make their voices heard in household, community, and public discourse. It is also aimed at economically empowering women to have access to and control over financial resources via the establishment of Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) in the communities. “Since the inception of the project in 2020, it has been grooming these women towards achieving the objective of having their voices heard by giving leadership training to them through the formation of Women’s Parliament Platforms (WPPs) and Girls’ Junior Parliament Platforms (GJPPs),” Madam Barikisu said.

Responding to a question from the resource person (Teacher Onga) on the attitude of men in the implementing communities towards the project, Madam Barikisu explained that the project began in 2020 with a “community entry” activity which entailed visiting the communities, meeting with community chiefs and elders, including Assembly members, selling the ideas and objectives of the projects to them and seeking their buy-in. Many of the chiefs and elders subscribed to the project’s objectives, so they supported and continue to support its implementation. 

The women on their part, shared with the public through the radio discussion the benefits they have derived so far from the project: They said the WPPs have served as rallying points for training them via workshops on gender transformation issues, their experiences from the training workshops have taught them not to concentrate household chores on girls only whilst boys play about some of them are implementing at the household levels, some of their husbands now agree to take care of children by taking them to under trees where they rest and play indoor games whilst the mothers concentrate on cooking in the kitchen-reducing the workload on the women. They also touched on the issue of VSLA, which they said is supporting their small scale businesses and helping them pay their children’ school fees as well as supporting household budgets. They seized the opportunity to thank Global Affairs Canada, Plan International Ghana, and RUWA-GHANA for bringing them the WVL project, wishing that the project could be extended.

Watch the live studio discussion session here:

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