Promoting the wellbeing and rights of women in Ghana

RUWA-Ghana promotes the socio-economic well-being of women and children through sustained advocacy and planned programs aimed at reducing the wide inequalities that exist and work against the development of women and children in urban and rural areas.

We assist women to unite and work together

To improve the situation of rural and urban women of northern Ghana and their families by assisting them to unite and work together through economic empowerment, health interventions and good governance.

To improve the situation of rural and urban women of Northern Ghana and their families by assisting them to unite and work together through economic empowerment, health interventions and good governance.

To become the leading partner Non-Governmental Organization for women empowerment in Africa.

RUWA-Ghana is open and available to work with any other CSO or Development Partner, trhough direct assistance, collaboration or joint venture to achieve its Mission.

We Listen, We Advice

We Work Together

RUWA-Ghana has a resilient partnership with its beneficiaries, donors, other development partners and likeminded organizations and together, we create development interventions to lift our constituents out of abject poverty. Our approach to development is bottom-up where need assessment is conducted at the beneficiary community level, using Community Participatory Appraisal (CPA) such as Community Scorecard Methodology (CSM).

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We work with talented and skilled Volunteers and Women’s Group in Northern Ghana. If you’re ready to help, You’re Welcome!

Hope For Humanity

Campaign Against Gender Inequalities

Currently, RUWA-Ghana is working on two programs in Northern and Upper-west Regions.
In Upper-West Region, EU and Oxfam in Ghana have Partnered RUWA-Ghana for the Project: ENOUGH! Empowering Women, Girls, Boys and Men to take Positive Action in Ending Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) in Ghana, particularly in 12 communities in Wa Municipality, Wa East and Wa West Districts.

In the Northern Region, Global Affairs Canada and Plan International Ghana have also Partnered RUWA-Ghana for the Project: Women Voice and Leadership Initiative in Ghana – Enhancing a Level Playing Field for Gender Transformation in Northern Region of Ghana, particularly in Yendi and Nanton.

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Campaign for Women Empowerment

Osiwa prjt


RUWA-Ghana has been actively participating in the discourse to shift the narrative of the district assembly elections in Ghana’s northern area, which are dominated by men and lack women’s involvement. This was informed by a cursory study conducted in 2018 and then proposed to the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) for funding to curry out an eighteen-month project entitled “Enhancing Women’s Participation in District Assembly Elections in the Northern Region of Ghana (EWPDE)”, which gained approval and was funded and implemented from January 2019 to July 2020.

The four districts of Tamale Metropolitan, Sagnarigu Municipal, Savulugu Municipal, and Yendi Municipal, were the focus districts for the implementation of the EWPDE project. With its overall objective “to improve women’s participation in local elections in four districts of the northern region of Ghana during the next local elections in December 2019 and to groom thirty interested women to stand for the elections”, it targeted thirty (30) interested women from the districts, groomed them to stand for the elections during the December 2019 elections, and conducted vigorous campaigns involving series of activities that were aimed at helping them to successfully achieve the objective.

The overall objective of the project was really attained because, unprecedentedly, twenty (20) women from the four (4) project districts filed and contested the District Assembly Elections of December 2019; three (3) women won their seats and are currently functioning as elected Assembly members.

Immunization of Children

RUWA-Ghana is a member of the Ghana National Coalition of NGOs in Health, and has been involved in the vaccition of children in areas of low coverage in the Gushiegu district of Northern Region. 

Enhacing Women’s Participation in District Elections in Northern Region of Ghana

An interview of Madam Nzara Salifu who won the Guntingli Assembly seat in the Yendi Municipality in 2018.


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Mar. 2022
  • 8:00 am – 12:30 pm

  • Wa Regional Library Conference Hall and Yendi Community Center

RUWA-Ghana Celebrates 2022 International Women’s Day In Wa Municipality and Yendi Municipality on the projects, Enough! and WVL respectively.


Oct. 2022
  • 8:00 am – 12:30 pm

  • London park, England

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What Happy Women Say:

Honorable Nzara Salifu
Yendi Municipality

Honorable Nzara Salifu heals from Guntingli, a suburb of Yendi Municipality, she is 30 years old and a Hair Dresser by profession. She has no formal education and so she can neither read nor write in English language, but she can articulate her views strongly in the local language of Dagbanli. She contested with men and won despite all the odds women face.

She is quoted to have said “The RUWA-OSIWA project has ignited women in the project area and I regard the support coming from chiefs, elders and the clergy as most significant for
it has the tendency of influencing many more men to support women in future local elections”.

Yakubu Wumpini Bibiana
Assembly Woman for Malshegu , Sagnarigu Municipality

Honorable Wumpini Bibiana heals from Malshegu, a village in the Sagnarigu Municipality. She is 34 years old and a student of Wineba University in Ghana. She articulates her views strongly. She communicates well in both English and Dagbanli. She was also persuaded to step down in the course of the campaign but she declined and contested.

Alhassan Mariam
Development Practitioner at Savulgu/Nantong District

Honorable Alhassan Mariam heals from Kpano, a village in Nanton district around Savelugu. She is 32 years old and a developer by profession. She has formal education up to tertiary level, she is bold and able to communicate in both English and Dagbanli.

She was persuaded to step down in the course of the campaign but she declined and contested with men and won despite all the odds.

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Core Value of RUWA-Ghana

* Mutual Co-operation Between Rural And Urban Women
* Support The Empowerment of Women
* Strategic Alliance and Partnership
* Gender Equity
* Promote Sustainable Development
* Support The Course of Children’s Rights And Dignity
* Transparency And Accountability
* Respect And Celebrate Diversity of Opinions

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